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April 2014 Archives

85-year-old man dies in a car collision

Car accidents occur with some regularity. Many car accidents are mere fender-benders in which there are no real injuries and only damage to the vehicles involved. Property damage, depending on the extent of the damage, can be easily rectified. The real issues in car crashes arise when those involved in the accidents suffer bodily injury, because sometimes this is not so easily rectified. Unfortunately, in more severe accidents, serious injury and death can result, thus leaving the victims and the families of the victims to deal with the aftermath.

Woman seriously injured after flatbed truck accident

The dangers of the road are well known to Pennsylvania residents. Most do their best to follow traffic laws to preserve the safety of all those who are driving. However, there are times when an unexpected occurrence can rear its head, causing a car accident much like a recent incident in Kuztown, Pennsylvania.

Truck/SUV accident in Pennsylvania kills both drivers

Traffic accidents are inevitable. The reality is that there are a number of car and truck collisions on a regular basis and sometimes these accidents are unavoidable. Depending on the severity of an accident, it can lead to serious bodily injury and/or death.

Two-truck accident results in injury as well as property damage

For those of us who have been driving long enough, we have learned to have a healthy respect for driving, as it is a dangerous activity. Driving requires a strict attention to detail as well as focus and alertness in order to be ready for whatever happens on the roadways. People drive all types of vehicles of varying sizes and weights. Just like driving in general necessitates a healthy respect, deferring to trucks on the road should also warrant this respect. Due to the sheer size of a truck and the impact it can have in an accident, many drivers will defer and give way to 18-wheelers, buses and big rigs.

Medical malpractice statistics may be skewed by settlements

Medical malpractice is generally when a patient sues someone in the medical profession for negligence. In these types of cases the patient who brings the suit has to show three things: that the doctor, nurse or other medical professional owed them a duty as that licensed practitioner, that the duty was breached and that the breach of duty caused injury to the patient. This is the three-part burden that the patient bears in medical malpractice claims in Pennsylvania and beyond. Negligence is not always easy to prove in medical malpractice cases, however.

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