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Tough Defense Against Criminal Charges

Desperation, confusion, helplessness: This is the range of emotions a person can experience when accused and charged with a major crime.

Whether you face the possibility of lengthy jail time, substantial fines, the public humiliation of a criminal record or the ultimate punishment — a death sentence — the protection of your rights requires the assistance of a legal team with experience, a proven track record and the courage to fight the government and its endless pool of resources.

Experienced Pottsville Drug Charge Attorneys Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

Every year, hundreds of criminally charged clients insist that the Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., team represents them. Our attorneys’ 100 years of combined experience and reputation in the area of criminal law is so well-regarded that even police and law enforcement officials look to hire our trial lawyers when they find themselves on the other side of the law.

Our verdicts and settlements in criminal cases speak for themselves. For example, we are the only law firm in Schuylkill County and surrounding areas to win acquittals in cases of first-degree, second-degree and third-degree murder. We have now expected into Berks County with our new Wyomissing office.

Our firm’s lead criminal lawyers, Albert Evans, Sudhir Patel and Eric Prock have earned a national reputation as “the go-to guys” in criminal law matters with a proven track record in the courtroom.

Whether you or a loved one is charged with a traffic citation, DUI or a major felony such as homicide, kidnapping or arson, our team of skilled, experienced criminal trial lawyers can help. One toll-free phone call to the Pottsville, Pennsylvania, criminal defense lawyers at Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., can reserve your free initial consultation: 570-622-2455.

Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C., Defense Lawyers Safeguard Your Freedoms And Future

Our decades of experience and track record of success in criminal cases can give you the best chance of a positive outcome when you have been arrested and charged with a felony or misdemeanor such as a/an:

  • Assault and violent crime
  • Theft, retail theft, robbery and burglary
  • Domestic violence
  • White collar crime
  • Drug crime
  • Juvenile crime
  • Traffic violation
  • Probation violation

Most criminal convictions result from confessions shortly after the police begin interviewing and interrogating suspects. You have no obligation to talk to the police at any time. Police officers often tell suspects, “It will be easier for you if you talk to the police right away.” The first person you should talk to is one of the criminal defense lawyers at Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C..

In DUI cases, it is almost always best to agree to submit to a blood or breath test if you have no prior criminal record or prior record of drunk driving. For those with a prior criminal or DUI record, the decision to agree to or refuse a blood or breath test depends on the circumstances of the DUI stop. Never discuss with any police officer how much or what you had to drink.

Furthermore, you have no obligation to let the police search your home or vehicle unless they have a valid search warrant. Most people mistakenly believe that refusing to agree to let the police search the home or vehicle is evidence of guilt. This is not the case.

Protect your rights and freedom by acting quickly

Contact Fanelli, Evans & Patel, P.C. Our Pottsville criminal defense attorneys respond promptly to your local or toll-free phone call or email message. If you reach us from a police station or jail after an arrest, we can arrange to meet with you there.