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85-year-old man dies in a car collision

Car accidents occur with some regularity. Many car accidents are mere fender-benders in which there are no real injuries and only damage to the vehicles involved. Property damage, depending on the extent of the damage, can be easily rectified. The real issues in car crashes arise when those involved in the accidents suffer bodily injury, because sometimes this is not so easily rectified. Unfortunately, in more severe accidents, serious injury and death can result, thus leaving the victims and the families of the victims to deal with the aftermath.

Recently there was an accident in Levittown, Pennsylvania, between a cement truck and a car. The driver of the car died as a result of the injuries suffered in the accident. He was 85-years-old. The preliminary accident investigation reported that the cement truck was traveling south while the car was traveling east when the two vehicles collided. The operator of the cement truck was evaluated at the hospital but was later released. The police investigation is ongoing in an attempt to determine the cause of the accident.

It is important for anyone involved in a car accident to protect their rights. Knowing how to handle matters after a car accident is extremely important. The nature and severity of the accident will dictate whether or not court involvement is necessary or even warranted down the road. The courts handle car accident claims on various levels, from fender-benders to more serious accidents. In many cases, bringing a claim before the court is up to the individuals in the accident.

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