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Don't let a distracted driver ruin your Christmas

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas can also be the most stressful. From buying presents to planning get-togethers, your never-ending to-do list keeps growing. But you know how important it is to stay safe no matter how much you have going on. Other Pennsylvania residents might not feel the same way, as you are more likely to encounter a distracted driver during the Christmas season than on an average day.

Since smartphones are very common, small enough to carry around and easily accessible, you might use your phone to organize your Christmas plans and write your gift shopping list. Sadly, smartphones have a very strong hold on some people, and it is difficult for them to put their phones away. For these drivers, it can be very hard to focus on the road. This does not excuse distracted driving behavior, so you should be aware of just how big this problem is.

Smartphone addiction is a problem in Pennsylvania

Every day throughout the year, there are car accidents Pennsylvania. If you commute to and from work by automobile each day, you've likely witnessed numerous near-collisions during your travels. You're always at risk for a collision when you drive. Your safety often hinges on how cautious and alert you are at the wheel.

Then again, no matter how good a driver you happen to be and how well you adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations, there are drivers out there -- in particular, those who are addicted to smartphones -- who increase your risk for injuries while traveling by motor vehicle. Smartphone addiction is a factor in many car accidents. If someone hits you who was using a smartphone at the time, it's critical that you know where to seek support.

Pennsylvania travelers at risk when distracted drivers are near

Whether you're a full-time Pennsylvania resident or one of many travelers who visit the beautiful Keystone State on vacation, you likely will find yourself in some high-traffic areas from time to time. Highway speeds are a lot faster nowadays than they used to be. Avoiding collision can be quite challenging when vehicles are moving at 70 miles per hour.

When you adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations and stay alert and cautious behind the wheel, you can reasonably expect to reach your destination without incident. If a distracted driver is nearby, however, your safety is greatly at risk. You're not in control of another person's vehicle, which means if he or she isn't focused on the task at hand while driving, you might be the one to suffer injuries because of that distraction.

Walking isn't always safer than being in a car

A lot of people in Pennsylvania and other states have taken up walking as a hobby. Perhaps you're the type of person who doesn't have long-distance running endurance but still want to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Walking might be the perfect activity for you. Whether you live in a place where you can walk to the store or to a local park, or you drive somewhere to park your car then set out on foot, whenever you're a pedestrian, you're at risk.

It is critical to choose well-lit, populated places for walking. Danger of assault or risk for falling victim to a mugging greatly increase if you walk in an isolated area where no one will hear you if you call for help. However, if you walk where there is traffic nearby, you must be especially cautious. It's always a good idea to practice good safety habits, but it is equally important to know where to seek support if a negligent driver hits you can causes you injury.

Pennsylvania intersection safety: Ways to lower risk of collision

It would be next to impossible to drive on Pennsylvania roadways every day without ever having to navigate an intersection. Even if most of the driving you do is on highways, you likely still approach crossroads when you travel through your neighborhood, through cities or other non-highway areas. It's no secret that intersections are highly dangerous places. In fact, every time you approach an intersection, there is a chance of collision, although there are several ways you can at least lower the risk.

Other motorists are not the only potential problem you face at intersections. Pedestrians can also put you in harm's way, especially if someone on foot darts into your path or fails to walk in the designated crossing zone when the pedestrian light signals the right of way. If you suffer injury in a collision at an intersection because another driver or pedestrian was negligent, you may not only need medical assistance but additional outside support as well.

Head-on car crash in Schuylkill kills three, injures one

Drivers in Schuylkill and across Pennsylvania will understand that any auto accident leaves them in jeopardy of suffering injuries and even fatalities. Some types of crashes are more dangerous than others, and a head-on collision is among the worst. For people who have been hurt or who have lost a loved one in a fatal head-on crash, knowing the reason it happened is key.

According to a recent report, a head-on auto accident in the early morning hours led to three people dying and another being hospitalized in critical condition. The accident occurred just after 4 a.m. when a 31-year-old man was heading south and went over the center line, crashing into a northbound vehicle being driven by a 19-year-old man. Emergency responders reported to the scene. Both drivers were dead. A 17-year-old male was in the second vehicle and died. A third person in the back of that vehicle, a 20-year-old male, was taken to the hospital, critically hurt. The accident is still under investigation.

Documentary sparks discussion about medical mistakes

Medical errors are one of the biggest understated fears for Pennsylvania residents. Since going to see a medical professional is done to receive effective treatment for an illness, condition or injury, there is a clear expectation that the medical professionals will adhere to standard protocol and provide the proper treatment. Unfortunately, medical errors are all-too common across the nation. These can lead to worsened conditions, massive medical expenses, long-term damage and even death. For those who think they might have been impacted by a medical error, it is important to understand the statistics for these occurrences and know how to take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit for compensation.

Medical professionals are abuzz after a documentary was released discussing medical errors that led to patient death. Administrators in local hospitals are formulating strategies to prevent these mistakes from happening. According to the discussions, it is imperative that medical centers put in place procedures that will identify human errors, implore employees to admit errors and use checklists. The documentary examined mistakes in hospitals. These included a person who received a misdiagnosis of cancer and died. Another involved a person who had jaundice that was not properly diagnosed and the patient ended up being disabled.

Pedestrian hit in auto accident crossing street, dies

With the number of dangers on the road in Pennsylvania, people are wise to be extra cautious when they are out and about as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. But, even if they are careful, there is always a risk that there will be a car accident. When it involves a pedestrian, the results are inevitably bad, with the person usually suffering severe injuries or even dying. Individuals who have been injured and families who have lost a loved one in a fatal pedestrian-auto accident must think about their options for a legal filing to attempt to recover compensation for what happened.

According to a recent report, a 56-year-old hospital worker died when she was hit by a vehicle as she crossed the street. The accident occurred in the evening and was close to the hospital's entrance. According to the investigation, it was a Jeep that crashed into her. She was taken to the hospital for treatment, but died. The 25-year-old driver of the Jeep remained at the scene and is being cooperative with the investigation of this incident. It is not known whether charges will be filed for his role in the accident. The investigation is ongoing.

Popular teen athlete dies in apparent drunk driving accident

It is an unfortunate truth that drunk drivers are still common on the road in Schuylkill and across Pennsylvania. While significant attention is now paid to distracted drivers, the ever-present dangers of drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and drugs remains. A person who is simply minding his or her own business as a driver, a motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian can find themselves in the hospital with severe injuries after being hit by a drunk driver. In a worst-case scenario, there can be a fatality and a family will be planning a funeral and remembrance for a lost loved one.

According to a recent report, a teen who played football for his school died when he was hit by an alleged drunk driver. The teen was on a motorcycle in the evening when a 63-year-old man crossed into the opposite lanes of the road and crashed into the rider. The rider wore a helmet, but his injuries were catastrophic and he died. When law enforcement investigated, they placed the driver under arrest as he is suspected of having been under the influence. The investigation into the case is ongoing.

Pedestrian injured and hospitalized after hit and run crash

The dangers on the road in Schuylkill and throughout Pennsylvania are well-known. With the number of drivers who are under the influence, driving while distracted, operating their vehicles recklessly and committing any number of risky acts behind the wheel, an auto accident can happen at any moment. Few are as vulnerable to injuries and death as pedestrians. Since they have no protection and can suffer long-term injuries or be killed when they are hit, it is imperative that pedestrian victims remember their rights. This is especially true after a hit and run accident.

According to a news report, a 20-year-old man was injured in a hit and run car accident recently. The man was reportedly walking on the side of the road at approximately 8:30 a.m. when he was hit. He was heading east on the south side of the road. The vehicle, a red Toyota Camry, was also heading east. After the collision, the driver left the scene. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening. Police are searching for the vehicle and think it might have been damaged on its right side.

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