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What inspection requirements do motor carriers face?

When individuals fail to act carefully, it can cause serious harm and to Pottsville residents. For instance, last week this blog discussed how a truck accident may result when a truck driver fails to exercise the level of care he or she is required to exercise on the road. While truck drivers can be held responsible for their negligent driving, it is important to recognize that other types of careless behavior can also support a negligence claim.

What is required to prove a negligence claim?

When Pottsville residents are dealing with something that is dangerous, they typically exercise a great deal of care and caution to ensure they do not injure themselves or anyone else. Unfortunately, not everyone else exercises this same level of caution, as seen in cases where a negligent driver causes a truck accident and injures others.

Can multiple defendants be held liable for the same crash?

When tragedy strikes Pottsville residents, it is important to hold those who caused the incident accountable for their actions. This is true not only when a single person was behind the incident, but when multiple individuals were responsible as well.

When truck drivers violate the regulations, hold them accountable

Pottsville residents place a great deal of trust in one another when it comes to the general public. For instance, while defensive driving is a good idea, motorists still have a certain amount of trust they place in other drivers to follow the rules of the road. When other drivers fail to follow these rules, it can lead to deadly consequences, particularly with drivers of semi-trucks and other large vehicles.

How long can a truck driver be on the road before taking a break?

There is never a good time for a tragedy to occur in the lives of Pottsville residents. And yet, there are some incidents that seem to be even more tragic, such as accidents that occur around the holidays. Making matters worse, many of these accidents could have been prevented if motorists were simply following the rules of the road.

What rules of the road apply to semi-truck drivers?

Pennsylvania residents who drive with any sort of frequency are used to encountering semi-trucks on the road. Individuals generally understand that different driving precautions need to be taken around larger vehicles like semi-trucks, due to the sheer size of the vehicle.

Truck accident in Pennsylvania results in injury

Pennsylvania residents who drive reconcile themselves to the fact that there is a good chance that at some point in their driving life they will be involved in an automobile accident. Crashes are always frightening and can be dangerous depending on the nature and circumstances of the accident. Truck accidents have the potential to be even more impactful because of the sheer size of the vehicles involved in a truck crash.

Five injured in multi-vehicle accident near Elysburg

All motor vehicle accidents, carry the potential for serious injury or even death. The devastation that can result from a crash involving a semi truck is potentially much greater, however, because the vehicles involved are that much larger. Due in part to this inherent danger, commercial truck drivers must have a commercial driver's license (CDL).

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