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How do truck accidents occur?

The laws of physics tell us that the larger the vehicle, the harder it is for it to accelerate, slow down or change direction. This may be taken for granted for motorists who hop in their car and share the roads with trucks, which are far bigger and heavier than traditional cars.

One killed in commercial vehicle accident on icy road in PA

Spring has arrived in Pennsylvania, and many in the Keystone State are eagerly awaiting the warmer weather. Still, winter may not be done with us yet, as there is still the possibility of snow and ice in the forecast. Most automobile drivers know that the presence of snow and ice means that it is necessary to slow down and drive carefully. This advice is even more applicable to the drivers of large commercial vehicles. A fatal commercial vehicle accident in Pennsylvania last week serves as a reminder to everyone of how true this is.

Common negligent behaviors behind many PA truck accidents

The phrase, accidents happen, seems ironic when a person suffers injuries in a collision with a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle. Since accident injuries can be so severe and life-changing, simply stating that 'accidents happen' seems so disparaging. Instead of writing your own or a loved one's injuries off as 'bad luck', it is in the victim's best interest to determine what the factors behind the accident were. If you or a loved one suspect that injuries are due to a preventable incident, compensation could be awarded.

I-80 closed after tractor-trailer accident

Winter-driving conditions always add an extra aspect of danger for those driving on Pennsylvania roads. Icy conditions can play a major role in car accidents. Slick conditions can turn a little fender-bender into a multi-vehicle pile up. Those driving on icy roads need to be cautious and understand the potential consequences that a car accident could have on drivers and passengers.

PA truck accident injury could be due to negligence

Oftentimes, travelers will see semi-trucks or other commercial vehicles on their journey. These commercial trucks are the heart of the domestic economy because they bring goods and services to those that need them. However, sometimes these routes do not go as scheduled for the trucks and they are involved in an accident. The sheer size of semi-trucks and other commercial trucks can wreak havoc on those in their path.

Pennsylvania roads only as safe as those who drive on them

The safety of Pennsylvania roads has improved significantly over the decades. From new technological advances in the vehicles on the road to design improvements in the roads themselves, there is always a push toward making it safer for drivers and passengers. And yet, tragic accidents still happen each day that leave those involved with serious and even life-threatening injuries.

Violations of rules of the road can be key in negligence case

Most laws in Pennsylvania and elsewhere around the country exist for a reason. Traffic laws are a prime example of this, as speed limits, yield regulations and other traffic control laws are meant to improve safety for those on the road.

What impact do trucking regulations have in a negligence lawsuit?

As discussed last week in this blog, there are few things that pose more danger on the road for Pottsville residents than speeding semi-trucks. In light of these unique dangers, federal authorities are currently proposing capping the speed at which large trucks could travel on the nation's highways.

New proposal seeks to stop truck speeding on nation's highways

Of all the dangers on the road, there are few things scarier for many Pottsville residents to encounter than speeding or out-of-control 18-wheelers. Given their large size and weight, semi-tractors and trailers present unique dangers to everyone on the road, and these dangers are only made worse when truck drivers are not following the rules of the road.

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