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Car accident with school bus proves fatal

Car crashes are par for the course when driving on the roadways because driving is inherently a dangerous activity and human error is inevitable. There is a good reason why individuals cannot obtain a driver's license until they are of a certain age and that it requires a number of practice hours behind the wheel because driving is serious business. Driving requires attention to all different types of details while on the roadways. Not only does a driver have to pay attention to what they are doing behind the wheel, but they also have to pay attention to what everyone else is doing on the road and alongside the road. In that sense, we are all somewhat at the mercy of other drivers on the road.

Death results from a drunk driving accident in Pennsylvania

One of the most deadly types of accidents is one involving a drunk driver or someone who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These accidents often result in serious bodily injury or death depending on the severity of the accident. Most car crashes of this nature are more times than not, pretty severe. A person who is driving drunk does not have the physical ability to control themselves or the vehicle that they are operating. Sadly, many people who choose to drive drunk and are in a resulting accident often walk away from the accident unscathed, while leaving their victims in a less fortunate position.

Elderly Pennsylvania woman dies in recent crash

Although people may not realize it, one of the most dangerous activities that people do on a daily basis is drive a vehicle. Unfortunately, car accidents are a part of driving and they can occur with some regularity. The number of vehicles on the roadways coupled with the speeds at which people drive make car accidents a frequent occurrence. A car crash can result in minor injuries. However, they can cause serious bodily injury or even death, depending on the severity of the accident. Car accidents that result in death have devastating effects on the families and friends of the victims.

Truck accidents can happen at any time in Pennsylvania

Driving can be more hazardous than many Pennsylvania residents may think, and it requires the utmost attention and care to detail when behind the wheel of a car or a truck. Accidents involving trucks, in particular, have the potential to leave those involved with devastating injuries. Truck drivers have a huge responsibility when maneuvering such a massive vehicle. Just like in car accidents, truck accidents are sometimes unavoidable, especially when dealing with the volume of commuters on the roads on any given day.

Drunk driver convicted for Lehigh accident that took baby's life

A 57-year-old man in Allentown recently admitted in court that he was drunk when he caused a car accident that took the life of a 1-year-old girl. The crash happened in North Whitehall Township last year, when the man's vehicle crossed the center line of the road and collided with an oncoming minivan. At the time of the accident, his blood-alcohol level was shown to be .21 percent -- nearly three times the legal limit to drive.

Liability: Can a remote texter be liable for a car accident?

As Pennsylvania residents know, texting can distract a driver and reduce reaction time. A driver who is negligent and causes an accident may be held liable for injuries suffered by others. Sending a text while driving can be regarded as negligent behavior, but what if you send a distracting text to a driver who then causes a car accident? Recently, a judge has made a decision on this issue.

Head-on crash in Union injures man, traps woman in vehicle

Two motorists in Berks County recently endured a harrowing head-on collision that left a 20-year-old woman from Ringtown pinned under her dashboard for about an hour. The car accident happened in Union Township, and both drivers were taken to local hospitals to be treated for injuries.

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