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Doctor's conflicts of interest becoming more common

When Pottsville residents visit the doctor, they often place a great deal of trust in what the doctor has to say. Patients depend heavily on that trust when they follow a doctor's advice to undergo a certain procedure, take a specific medication or go through some other course of care. Indeed, the doctor's education, training and experience place the doctor in the better position to make these types of recommendations.

Medical malpractice claims can compensate suffering victims

A doctor's training imposes upon him certain duties of care that he must exercise when diagnosing and treating his patients. Pennsylvania residents rely on their doctors each and every day to meet those important duties to help ensure that their injuries and illnesses are properly managed and remedied. Although legitimate complications can arise during the course of a person's medical treatment, when doctors fail to meet their duties and mistakes are made during the medical care of an individual, that individual may have rights to sue his medical providers for negligence based on medical malpractice.

What relief does one have after a birth injury is suffered?

When a new member is added to Pottsville residents' family, it is supposed to be one of the most joyous times in someone's life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, such as when a premature delivery results in serious injury to the child.

Famed comedian’s family settles medical malpractice lawsuit

When it comes to sensitive matters like health care, even a relatively routine visit to the doctor can turn into a very serious matter for Pottsville residents. Whether a doctor misses a serious diagnosis that causes later harm to the patient or commits some error that immediately injures the patient, there is no shortage of incidents that can occur, with varying levels of injury to the patient.

Navigating through the maze of medical malpractice issues

When Pottsville residents visit their health care professionals, they expect that their doctors and nurses will care for them properly and improve their health. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as many patients suffer injury at the hands of those who are supposed to protect it.

Doctors refuse to apologize after removing wrong rib on woman

Every Pottsville residents makes mistakes from time to time. Everyone is human, after all, and a basic part of the human experience is making mistakes and learning from them. The important thing is that individuals understand how to make the situation right after a mistake, particularly when the mistake involves other individuals.

New study ties users' tweets to medical errors

The technological advances over the past several years have been amazing for Pottsville residents to watch and experience. The computing power that used to take up the space of a room can now fit conveniently in the palm of one's hand, and the functions of smartphones and other devices seem limitless.

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