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Suspected drunk driver causes crash on Schuylkill Expressway

Drunk drivers continue to pose one of the biggest dangers to other motorists on Pennsylvania's roadways. Their negligence, recklessness and inability to maintain control of their vehicles often result in serious car crashes that cause other drivers and their passengers to suffer both physical injury and property damage. Unfortunately, police officers and state troopers are not immune to the risk posed by drunk drivers.

Female jogger struck and killed in Pennsylvania

Usually when speaking about a car crash, there are two or more cars involved in the accident. Depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the accident, the number of people injured can vary based on the number of people in the vehicles at the time of the accident. A car accident can also involve only one vehicle and a pedestrian. Unfortunately, this type of accident is also highly common. Most times in crashes where there is a car versus a pedestrian, the pedestrian loses.

Man in critical condition after two-car crash in Pennsylvania

Oftentimes following a car accident, a victim may instinctually know that another driver was at fault in a crash. However, they may not know what exact regulations the driver violated or what laws were involved. As with most other types of accidents, legal claims in car accidents are governed by the law of negligence. When another driver is suspected to be at fault in an accident, victims can oftentimes aggressively pursue negligence claims backed by a strong and informed legal strategy.

Deadly car accident in Pennsylvania affects many

There are a number of reasons that a car accident can occur. Many times involvement in a car crash is out of our control. Unfortunately, car accidents happen, and a lot of times there is nothing that we can do to avoid them. Accidents where serious bodily injury or death occurs tend to leave those a party to the accident devastated. Car crashes take their toll on its victims physically, emotionally and psychologically. Whether someone is at fault for the accident or not, the aftermath is still quite difficult to handle.

One dead, others seriously injured in Pennsylvania car accident

Being involved in a car accident may be one of the most devastating things that can happen in life. Depending in the severity of the car accident, serious bodily injury or death may occur. Because car accidents are often times so much out of one's control, knowing how to deal with the aftermath of an accident can be a scary and confusing time. Moreover, navigating the legal waters after an accident is complex. But, keep in mind, that victims and victim's families all have rights that need to be protected when a car crash occurs.

Accident in Pennsylvania results in injuries

Operating a motor vehicle is a serious responsibility for those who undertake it. The act of driving is easy enough to learn but a moment's inattention can still lead to a serious accident. Car crashes can be costly to everyone involved. Not only can an accident cause serious bodily injury and or even death, but the financial toll an accident takes can also be quite substantial.

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