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What to do if you are hit riding your motorcycle

As a motorcycle rider, you have as much right to drive on the road as an automobile. Unfortunately, though true, you are still 29 times more likely to die in a traffic crash than someone in a car.

Here are four tips to help you navigate the situation if you are in an accident while riding your motorcycle.

Keep your helmet and riding gear on

After an accident, your adrenaline is likely high and you may not feel an injury. However, there is a possibility that your gear is stabilizing or protecting an unknown injury. A safe practice is to wait for paramedics to examine you before removing your helmet, jacket and gloves.

Call an ambulance and the police

If you are able, you can call 911 immediately. The quicker the police can secure the accident site and that medical professionals can evaluate you, the safer you are.

Do not assume fault

Getting hit by a car can be frightening and traumatic. It is easy for you to become emotional and remember events unclearly, say something inaccurate about the situation or apologize when you are not at fault. Therefore, it is imperative you are careful with what you say if you talk to the automobile driver or witnesses.

Consider hiring a personal injury lawyer

You may be immediately aware of an injury or not aware of it until days later. Regardless of when you discover an injury, a personal injury lawyer can help you secure compensation from insurance companies to support you as you heal.

When in a crash, you have a higher risk of serious injury as a motorcyclist than a driver in a car. Being prepared for a traffic accident can help you come out of a crash in a better position.