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After a car crash, it can pay to avoid rushing into a settlement.

Being involved in a serious car crash can turn your life upside-down. You may be hospitalized – concerned about your recovery and what this event means for your future. When an insurance adjuster contacts you to offer you a settlement, it may be tempting to sign the papers and be done with the whole ordeal.

However, settling too quickly can prove to be damaging for you in the long run. Here’s why:

An insurance adjuster works for an insurance company – and therefore tries to make deals that serve the company’s best interest. Therefore, in the wake of a car accident, an adjuster may offer to compensate you for damage to your vehicle as well as medical expenses for any readily apparent injuries – such as broken bones. However, there are other types of injuries that may impact you over the long term – and these should also be compensated.

Physical injuries

Following an accident, some injuries show up right away, while others – such as whiplash or internal bleeding – may take a few days to become apparent. It’s important to allow time for all injuries to present themselves and to get a complete medical assessment of the long-term implications of such injuries. For instance, if your injuries are so severe that you will be unable to work for a few weeks, then you should receive compensation for lost wages.

Emotional distress

Being involved in a serious car accident is traumatic, and it’s not uncommon for such an incident to lead to afflictions such as anxiety, insomnia or depression. Taking the time to get a psychological evaluation and understand the full breadth of your mental anguish can be helpful in recovering damages for such pain and suffering.

Dealing with all of the consequences of a serious car crash can be overwhelming. At such a time, it’s important to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. They can deal with the insurance company for you and effectively advocate for your fair and full compensation.