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Avoid these mistakes when dealing with the insurance company after an accident

Your insurance company positions itself as a trusted confidante, providing protection after a serious accident. While your auto insurer does offer the peace of mind of financial coverage, obtaining the settlement you deserve can sometimes be difficult.

Avoid these common mistakes when dealing with an insurance agent after an auto accident injury, whether you file a claim through your own provider or through an at-fault driver’s policy.

Refusing medical care

Even if you do not have immediately apparent injuries, getting checked by a doctor provides a record of your care after a crash. You may have soft tissue injuries or even a brain injury that does not arise right away. If you do not seek care right away, the insurance company may argue that your issues do not stem from the accident and refuse to cover your claim.

Accepting a low settlement offer

The insurance agent strives to reduce expenses for the insurance company. You may receive a settlement offer that does not cover the full cost of your car accident injuries. Before negotiating with your insurance company, gather all your medical care receipts resulting from the accident. You should also document travel expenses to appointments, lost wages and the cost of household services you cannot perform with your injury. For serious injuries, you must also consider the cost of future medical care.

You do not have an obligation to speak to the other driver’s insurance company. Your insurer can deal with them on your behalf. When you do work with an agent from any insurer, avoid making statements that could indicate fault in the accident.