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What happens when a driver doesn’t have enough insurance?

Liability insurance is unquestionably one of the reasons why people feel safe getting behind the wheel. After all, a crash can result in catastrophic injuries and substantial, expensive property damage. Insurance at least provides a layer of protection from those losses.

If another driver smashes into your car one day, you will expect that their insurance will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle and the medical expenses you incur treating the injuries you suffered. Unfortunately, it is possible for a driver with insurance in Pennsylvania to have inadequate coverage for the needs you present after a crash.

Pennsylvania has relatively low insurance requirements

Every state sets its own minimum insurance requirements for drivers who want to operate on public roads. The insurance someone carries will typically protect them from liability when they caused a crash by covering a set amount of medical expenses and property damage costs.

To legally drive in Pennsylvania, someone only needs to secure $5,000 worth of property damage coverage. The medical liability coverage only needs to be $15,000 for a crash that leaves one person hurt or $30,000 for when two or more people get hurt in a crash.

The cost of a single surgery could easily exceed the minimum medical liability coverage for a Pennsylvania driver, while vehicle repairs could soar past $5,000, especially if the vehicle winds up totaled.

You can take out insurance against underinsured drivers

You may already know that you can have extra policy protections against drivers without any insurance, but did you know you can include coverage for underinsured drivers as well? These important additions to your policy can expand how much coverage you have and close the gap between a minimum coverage policy and the actual expenses you must cover after a collision.

Reviewing your policy before you get into a crash can help you optimize your insurance protection. Making claims against this kind of coverage can help you prevent financial losses when another driver doesn’t have enough liability protection.