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Smartphone addiction is a problem in Pennsylvania

Every day throughout the year, there are car accidents Pennsylvania. If you commute to and from work by automobile each day, you’ve likely witnessed numerous near-collisions during your travels. You’re always at risk for a collision when you drive. Your safety often hinges on how cautious and alert you are at the wheel.

Then again, no matter how good a driver you happen to be and how well you adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations, there are drivers out there — in particular, those who are addicted to smartphones — who increase your risk for injuries while traveling by motor vehicle. Smartphone addiction is a factor in many car accidents. If someone hits you who was using a smartphone at the time, it’s critical that you know where to seek support.

What are the signs of smartphone addiction?

No two addictions are exactly the same. However, the following list shows common symptoms of smartphone addiction that may greatly increase a person’s risk for an automobile collision:

  • Do you know someone who has trouble sleeping due to too much time spent looking at a blue screen light? He or she may have a smartphone addiction.
  • Like many drug addicts or alcoholics, those with smartphone addictions often grow increasingly agitated, depressed or, even, angry if they lose access to their phones.
  • A smartphone addict has trouble keeping still when he or she is not on his or her phone.
  • A person who easily loses track of time because he or she is always on a smartphone may, in fact, have an addiction problem.

Those addicted to smartphones often engage others on social media sites. This activity may cause stress, especially if a lot of what they see is negative. If you can’t turn off your phone or go anywhere without it, you might want to consider conducting a self-experiment to determine if your use of a smartphone has turned into an addiction.

Connection between smartphone addiction and collisions

Distracted driving accidents are often preventable, which makes injuries suffered in such situations all the more tragic. If a driver is using a cell phone when he or she slams into your vehicle, it is a distracted driving accident.

Many Pennsylvania accident victims go to court during their recoveries so they can request financial restitution for the damages distracted drivers caused them. This is a good thing because many accident victims are completely unprepared to meet expenses associated with their injuries.