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Walking isn’t always safer than being in a car

A lot of people in Pennsylvania and other states have taken up walking as a hobby. Perhaps you’re the type of person who doesn’t have long-distance running endurance but still want to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Walking might be the perfect activity for you. Whether you live in a place where you can walk to the store or to a local park, or you drive somewhere to park your car then set out on foot, whenever you’re a pedestrian, you’re at risk.

It is critical to choose well-lit, populated places for walking. Danger of assault or risk for falling victim to a mugging greatly increase if you walk in an isolated area where no one will hear you if you call for help. However, if you walk where there is traffic nearby, you must be especially cautious. It’s always a good idea to practice good safety habits, but it is equally important to know where to seek support if a negligent driver hits you can causes you injury.

Safe walking behavior reduces your injury risk

There is definitely such a thing as negligent pedestrian behavior, which could place you at great risk for injury. The following list shows behaviors all cautious pedestrians avoid:

  • Walking while looking down at a cell phone or other hand-held electronic device
  • Crossing a road outside of a pedestrian crossing zone
  • Walking with ear plugs in
  • Standing too close to bushes, parked cars or other stationary objects while waiting for a light to change
  • Stepping off a curb without checking all directions for oncoming traffic

As for stepping into a road, just because you see a driver doesn’t necessarily mean he or she sees you. You can be more visible to motorists by wearing brightly colored clothing or reflective materials. Also, just because you have a right of way or a light signals for you to cross the road, that doesn’t mean an oncoming car is guaranteed to stop. Always double-check that it is safe to do so before crossing.

If you suffer injury as a pedestrian

There have been instances in Pennsylvania when drunk drivers hop a curb and run over people on sidewalks. Other high-risk areas for pedestrian accidents include intersections and parking lots. Motorist/pedestrian collisions often result in catastrophic injuries to the pedestrian. Your recovery may be long and strenuous. The medical care you might need may prompt tremendous financial distress in your life. Many accident victims are able to offset accident-related expenses by seeking compensation for damages against those who caused their injuries.