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Pennsylvania intersection safety: Ways to lower risk of collision

It would be next to impossible to drive on Pennsylvania roadways every day without ever having to navigate an intersection. Even if most of the driving you do is on highways, you likely still approach crossroads when you travel through your neighborhood, through cities or other non-highway areas. It’s no secret that intersections are highly dangerous places. In fact, every time you approach an intersection, there is a chance of collision, although there are several ways you can at least lower the risk.

Other motorists are not the only potential problem you face at intersections. Pedestrians can also put you in harm’s way, especially if someone on foot darts into your path or fails to walk in the designated crossing zone when the pedestrian light signals the right of way. If you suffer injury in a collision at an intersection because another driver or pedestrian was negligent, you may not only need medical assistance but additional outside support as well.

Proceed with caution

If you’re sitting at a red light at an intersection and the light turns green, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to go. A green light lets you know that it is your turn to accelerate; however, it is always best to pause, check your surroundings then proceed if the crossroads are clear. The following list includes additional safety tips that may help you avoid problems at intersections:

  • Move your head and whole body, if necessary, to make sure there are no motorists or pedestrians caught in your vehicle’s blind spots before you enter an intersection.
  • Even if the light ahead is green as you approach a crossroad, it is safest to apply your brakes and lower your speed as you scan your surroundings rather than simply traveling at the posted speed limit without ever slowing down.
  • If you are making a turn at an intersection, you are best off doing so at no more than five miles per hour.
  • Always be on the lookout for reckless drivers. A person who is texting or acting under the influence of alcohol may never even notice a light changing from green to red.

Intersection collisions often result in serious injuries; in fact, many crossroad accidents are fatal. Recovering from a car accident can take weeks, even months. You would no doubt have to take time off work and may even need repeated medical visits or surgery to treat your injuries. Many Pennsylvania residents wind up using their credit cards to pay their medical bills or to make ends meet at home when they are unable to work.

Justice can be sought

It’s understandable that a recovering accident victim would want to seek compensation for damages when an accident that was preventable occurred because of another driver’s negligence. If you are in this predicament, an experience personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your claim and provide much-needed advocacy and support to help you secure the full amount of compensation you deserve.