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Drunk drivers add to Pennsylvania parents’ stress

If you’re like most Pennsylvania parents of several children, especially if even one of them is a teenager under age 16, you likely spend a lot of time in your car, driving them places. It’s all part of the journey, you say, and you’re usually glad to do it. However, things can get quite stressful if other motorists are acting negligently behind the wheel. Drunk drivers, in particular, are menaces on the road.

The last thing you need is for someone to consume copious amounts of alcohol, then attempt to drive on the same road you and your kids are traveling at the time. It places your children’s and your own life at stake. If a collision occurs and you all survive, there’s no telling how long it will take you to recover. That’s why the law allows you to seek justice on behalf of your family.

Driving behaviors that should alert you

You can be as cautious and adherent to traffic laws as can be; however, if a drunk driver is in your midst, you may not even know it and it can lead to disaster. The following list includes signs that a particular motorist might be intoxicated:

  • If it is dark outside and you notice a car traveling without headlights, the driver might be drunk.
  • Intoxicated drivers have trouble with perception. If you see a driver sitting far up in his or her seat, as though he or she is pressing toward the windshield, it’s a definite sign of alert that intoxication may be a factor.
  • Drunk drivers don’t always navigate turns so well. If a car near you is taking wide turns or coming close to parked vehicles or curbs, try to steer clear because the driver might be drunk.
  • Any driver that is applying the brakes at random times shows signs of possible drunk driving as well.

This list is not extensive but may help you be more aware of potential danger as you and your kids drive along Pennsylvania roadways. If you can safely pull over and alert authorities to a possible drunk driving situation, you might not only save your family’s lives but others as well.

If you suffer injury because of a drunk driver

Drunk driving accidents often cause catastrophic injuries. Your children’s lives are precious and you may need a lot of assistance and support if you are trying to help them cope with the memory of a serious car accident, as well as recover from physical injuries. Seeking compensation for damages is an option many Pennsylvania parents exercise when negligent drivers cause their children to suffer.