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Drunk driver statistics in Pennsylvania show rise in crashes

People throughout Pennsylvania will undoubtedly be concerned about the growing number of dangers when on the road. That frequently involves relatively new issues, such as distracted driving. However, it is an unfortunate reality that accidents caused by drunk drivers are still problematic. Research examining the frequency with which drivers are stopped and arrested for DUI in the state is indicative of how widespread the problem is. This is particularly important when there is a crash. Evidence of being hit by a drunk driver is a vital part of a lawsuit.

In 2017, State Police said there were 445 more arrests for DUI when compared to 2016. There were 660 more investigations of crashes due to DUI. The numbers were recently released and includes drivers who were arrested for DUI, crashes overall and drivers under the influence of drugs. The statistics are limited to state investigations and do not include local law enforcement investigations. There were nearly 20,000 arrests for DUI in 2017. That is a rise of less than 1 percent from the year before. There were 5,180 accidents due to DUI. That is a 14 percent rise from 2016.

The areas in which the arrests and investigations took place were also broken down. In Philadelphia, there were 175 DUI accidents and 649 arrests for DUI. Lancaster had 87 DUI accidents and 250 arrests. Media had 165 accidents and 622 arrests. King of Prussia had 20 accidents and 34 DUI arrests. Reading had 96 accidents and 322 arrests.

With the rise in people who were hit by a drunk driver, it is critical to remember that this is still a major problem even with other dangers receiving greater focus and attempts at prevention. Victims be compensated for medical costs after serious injuries, lost income and fatalities. A law firm that knows how to gather evidence after a drunk driving accident and pursue a legal filing is imperative to the case.