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U.S. has high number of mistakes injuring mothers in childbirth

Barring unusual issues, most Pennsylvanians will not view childbirth as overtly dangerous to the health of the mother and child. In truth, there is recent information stating that mothers are experiencing an increasing number of complications, injuries and death during childbirth in the United States. This was presented in an investigation by USA Today and should be of concern to all who are expecting a child.

In the U.S., there are an estimated 50,000 injuries and 700 deaths of mothers during childbirth every year. This is believed to be due to hospitals and medical centers failing to adhere to proper safety requirements. In the developed world, the U.S. is the riskiest country in which to have a baby. In analyzing the data, it was found that many of the issues stemmed from hemorrhaging and severe high blood pressure.

Rather than using diagnostic tools to measure the mothers’ blood pressure and how much blood they have lost while giving birth, the “eyeball” test is frequently used to determine whether there is a problem or not. Hospitals are aware of the tendency for doctors and staff to use shortcuts in this manner but have not prioritized it as something that must be changed.

When a woman is having a child, it is an exciting time. Unfortunately, an error made during delivery can be severely damaging. A lawsuit is often the only way to ensure there is a full investigation and the cause of the mistake is determined. A law firm experienced in medical errors and birth injuries can help pursue a case and receive compensation.