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Parents texting and driving with kids in car is a problem

The problem of drivers being distracted is prevalent. Now, studies seek to examine the phenomenon to devise ways to put a stop to it. Worryingly, a new study indicates that adults are even texting and driving while they have children in the vehicle with them. Those who suffer serious injuries or lose a loved one in an auto accident should be cognizant of these studies as it may be used when seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Research by the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that out of every three adults who took part, one will read text messages while driving. One out of seven will engage in social media activities behind the wheel. In the study, there were 760 adults who were surveyed. They were from 47 states and had children ages four to 10. The data was accrued over three months.

In the study, it is suggested that increased research should be done to see if the parents’ poor safety habits are negatively impacting children and how they behave. In addition to using smartphones while driving, other dangerous behaviors were examined. If the adult stated that he or she drove while distracted, the person was also found to be likely to drink and drive or fail to wear a seatbelt. The researchers say there is a connection between DUI and phone use while children are in the vehicle.

An auto accident can have far-ranging consequences not just to those who were in the vehicle at the time, but for their families. Injuries can spark massive medical costs, lost wages, the need for extensive help and a drastically changed life. Auto accident fatalities are inevitably unexpected and can lead to financial and emotional problems for the decedent’s loved ones. A lawsuit cannot fix all that was lost because of a car accident, nor can it bring a deceased loved one back, but it could yield compensation to help the family move on. Evidence that it was due to a distracted driver can bolster a case.