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Getting the right help with a truck accident case

Trucks are ever present on the roads in Schuylkill, Pottsville and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. While most will be operated safely and within the rules of the road, their sheer size and the speeds at which they travel can be intimidating to even the most experienced and confident drivers. When there is a crash with one of these large vehicles, there can be serious injuries and even death to those in smaller vehicles. When there has been a truck accident, the medical costs and long-term damage can be overwhelming for the victims involved. A legal filing is often necessary to attempt to recover damages for all that was lost.

Although commercial trucks play a key role in everyday life, delivering items and providing jobs, a crash can happen for many reasons. The truck company might pressure the driver to get the delivery to its destination in rapid order and that might lead to the driver taking risks that he or she would not otherwise take. For example, a truck driver could flout federal trucking regulations for time spent on the road and the get drowsy behind the wheel. There might be distracted driving behaviors. Or, the driver could be speeding or operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any one of these factors can cause a truck crash. More worrisome is that they frequently happen in combination.

People who are in a truck accident can suffer brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, cuts and more. They might be faced with loss of time at work and a long hospital stay, with a seemingly endless number of procedures to try to get back to normal. Paralysis and worse can happen. Regardless of the type of commercial vehicle that was involved in the crash, victims must remember to protect their interests and think about a legal filing for compensation.

With a truck accident, insurance companies will frequently try to make a settlement offer to keep the case out of court. Accepting an initial offer may be a mistake, as it does not account for the long-term damage a victim or the victim’s family will face after a truck accident. A law firm that is experienced in helping those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident can try to help with a case.