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Holiday injury crashes down in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are usually a higher number of crashes and driving under the influence (DUI) arrests on the Fourth of July than during a typical, non-holiday period. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, this year’s Independence Day holiday was no exception. In spite of the elevated numbers of car accidents and DUIs in the Keystone State, there still were fewer such incidents in 2018 than there were in 2017.

The official Fourth of July enforcement period for 2018 spanned from July 3 until July 5, or Tuesday to Thursday. The enforcement period did not account for the weekends on either side of the holiday. This alone could account for the difference in some of the numbers, with only weekdays being included. Nevertheless, any news of fewer accidents is certainly good news for the state’s motorists.

The State Police reported that there were 581 total crashes that occurred over the July 4 enforcement period. Additionally, there were 316 DUI arrests in the same span. While not all crashes involved DUIs, driving under the influence certainly contributes to higher incidence of traffic accidents and often makes the consequences of such crashes deadlier. During the holiday period, Pennsylvania motorists also engaged in other unsafe driving habits. Law enforcement issued 8,577 citations for speeding, 778 motorists received tickets for seatbelt violations, and there were 173 citations issued for failing to properly secure children.

During the Fourth of July enforcement period, 146 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes. Two of the holiday crashes were fatal, which resulted in three deaths. Those injured in motor vehicle accidents can rely on the advice of an experienced attorney when considering the next steps available to them.