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Reckless truck drivers wreak havoc on Pennsylvania roads

A motorist on the roads, streets and highways of Pennsylvania must contend with many potential hazards, ranging from pot holes and road construction to drunk and distracted drivers. The latter are of particular concern when they are behind the wheel of large vehicle, like a delivery truck or a tractor trailer. When a motorist and/or a smaller vehicle is involved in a truck accident, the damage caused by the larger vehicle can be absolutely devastating.

The extent of damage that a truck can cause was illustrated recently in Orwigsburg. During the wee morning hours, just before dawn, a man from Harrisburg was driving a box truck through the town. When he allegedly swerved to compensate for a semi truck that was passing in the opposite direction, the box truck driver struck a car that was legally parked on the street. But the truck did not come to a stop at this time.

Rather, the driver continued onward, driving over the top of – and flattening – the parked car. The truck then hit a number of large trees and crashed into a retaining wall before finally coming to a stop. Fortunately, thanks to the time of day, there was nobody inside the parked car. The driver of the box truck is expected to be cited for several different traffic violations, including careless driving, as a result.

When an individual or their loved ones – or their parked car – has been injured in an accident caused by the reckless driver of a truck, he or she may be entitled to recoup damages for the injuries and expenses incurred as a result of the accident. Because the involvement of a commercial truck in an accident can sometimes invoke additional laws and regulations, it is prudent to seek the advice of an attorney with considerable experience handling such matters. The right lawyer will help to ensure that victims receive the greatest possible amount of compensation.

Source: Republican Herald, “Police: Box truck driver ran over parked car in Orwigsburg,” Frank Andruscavage, April 21, 2018