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Jury verdict sets record in Pennsylvania medical negligence case

When a patient seeks the advice or care of a health professional in Pennsylvania, they are trusting the professional to use the utmost care and skill – particularly where children and infants are concerned. If a medical provider fails to meet the standards expected of them by their profession, the consequences can be devastating for a patient and their family members. And in cases where a health care provider’s act or omission has life-long effects, the provider may be on the wrong end of a hefty medical malpractice verdict.

This recently occurred in a case that was tried in Pennsylvania federal court. In an incident that involved an infant, a neonatal doctor, who had considerable experience in his field, wrapped the swollen head of the newborn in a bandage just moments after she was born. This resulted in a breakdown of the skin tissue on the infant’s scalp, leaving scars. The scars resulted in partial baldness. At the time of the verdict, the child was five years old and had suffered through years of skin treatments in an attempt to diminish the scars and improve her scalp’s appearance.

The jury heard evidence for three days, including testimony about the extent of the ongoing treatment the youngster has had to endure to try and treat her injuries. As of trial, there was no foreseeable end to the need for treatment. The child may face a lifetime of skin and scalp treatments as a result of the physician’s negligence.

The jurors returned a verdict for $47 million, representing the damages suffered by the child and her family. This amount appears to be a record for a medical malpractice case in Pennsylvania and will hopefully send a message that will curb the frequency of medical errors in the Keystone State. As this case demonstrates, anyone who has been harmed by the act or omission of a medical provider may be entitled to compensation and seek the advice of an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Source: New Castle News, “Jury awards $47 million to family of baby in medical malpractice trial,” David Hurst, Mar. 22, 2018