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Tractor trailer hit-and-run reveals peril to motorists

One of the dangers that Pennsylvania motorists may not consider when sharing the road with tractor trailers is the big rigs are so large, their drivers may not realize that they’ve been in an accident. There is also the more sinister possibility that a driver involved in a truck accident did not stop out of fear of losing their commercial license or job. The latter can be a real possibility for certain drivers, depending on the nature of the accident and/or their employer.

A recent crash in Schuylkill County demonstrates just what kind of peril local motorists may face when a careless or negligent driver gets behind the wheel of a semi truck. A man, who was driving his small SUV in the southbound lanes of Interstate 81, overtook a tractor trailer that appeared to be emblazoned with the logos of a major delivery service. The SUV changed lanes to pass the big rig and continue southward.

As the driver of the SUV attempted to pass the tractor trailer, the driver of the big rig started to change lanes. The trailer collided with the side of the SUV causing damage to the vehicle. In spite of the crash, the driver of the semi truck continued southward on Route 81 without stopping. Police opened an investigation into the accident, but it has not yet been determined whether the hit-and-run was deliberate or inadvertent.

Victims of hit-and-run drivers may still be able to recover – with the help of an attorney with considerable experience handling such cases. Hit-and-run accidents involving a commercial vehicle require additional investigation and may also invoke federal transportation regulations. This is why the advice of a seasoned lawyer can make all the difference.

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