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One does not have to be in a car to be in a car accident victim

Pennsylvanians who read the local news or drives Route 61 on a regular basis knows that accidents happen. And, when accidents involve a heavy, fast-moving object, like a car or truck, the potential for injury is amplified. Some car accidents are avoidable and some simply are not. In some cases, the victims of an accident are unable to avoid it because they simply do not even see the vehicle coming.

A recent example of the kind of damage a car can cause occurred in West Brunswick Township when a full-size car crashed into a local restaurant. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, including the single occupant of the car. Until the investigation is complete, the cause of the accident will not be known, but it is easy to imagine such an incident being much worse if the car had struck the building in a different location or during a busier time.

Whatever it was the caused the car to careen into the restaurant — a slippery road, a medical emergency or even impaired or distracted driving — the driver is likely to be on the hook for the damages. Even accident victims who were pedestrians, bicyclists or simply having a sandwich at lunchtime, when injured by a car may be entitled to compensation from the driver of the vehicle.

If injured in a car accident, individuals should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. They can help investigate the facts and work with insurance companies. Most importantly, a seasoned lawyer can help get accident victims the compensation for medical benefits, lost wages and other losses, to which they are entitled.

Source: Republican Herald, “Car crashes into 3C’s Family Restaurant,” Frank Andruscavage, Jan. 29, 2018