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Big rigs can be big trouble on icy highways

It is an unfortunate familiar winter story in Pennsylvania: Multi-vehicle accidents, closed highways and tractor trailers. Tractor trailers are not an inherent danger in and of themselves. But, because of their size and weight, big rigs require considerably more time and distance to stop. If a semi-truck is unable to stop due to road or weather conditions — or fails to stop due to driver fatigue, distraction or equipment failure — its size makes the truck fair deadlier than other vehicles on the road.

Since the beginning of the year, big rigs have been involved in several deadly highway accidents in the Keystone State. Recently, two were killed on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when a tractor trailer stopped due to an accident. The family’s car slid sideways into the stopped truck, killing the parents. Two children were injured but survived the accident.

In another recent truck accident, 12 miles of Interstate 78 were closed when a tractor trailer plowed into stopped traffic amid whiteout conditions. The truck, reportedly, was unable to stop due to road conditions. Fortunately, only three people were hurt in the crash, and none of the injuries were life-threatening. Other truck accident victims have been less fortunate this winter.

When a motorist or their loved ones have been injured in a truck accident on Pennsylvania’s roads, they may be able to seek compensation for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages that resulted from the accident. The assistance of a seasoned personal injury lawyer can help a driver determine how the crash occurred. And, a lawyer can help to ensure that victims recover.

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