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Sometimes a lawyer is ‘just what the doctor ordered’

In Pennsylvania, when you visit a hospital or doctor’s office, or move a loved one into a care facility, you expect to be treated with the utmost care and professionalism. And in the vast majority of cases, you receive the care you expect. Unfortunately, however, mistakes happen, as do negligent or deliberate acts that result in harm or in some instances, death. At such times, you need the help of a seasoned medical negligence attorney.

Healthcare errors come in many forms. For example, surgical implements can be left inside a patient or you could experience a secondary infection from a hospital visit. During a stay in a hospital or other care facility, it’s possible that prescription medications can be mixed up. Medications may also be given or prescribed in the wrong dosage – or in a harmful combination with other medications.

Maladies with similar symptoms can result in misdiagnoses. In some cases, there may even be a failure to diagnose an illness. This, in turn, can lead to a delay in treatment.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, illness or even death as a result of a visit to or stay with a health care provider, you may be entitled to compensation. Medical negligence cases can be complex, though, and should only be handled by attorneys with experience in this practice area. Our firm has extensive experience in the areas of medical negligence and medical malpractice. We have obtained successful results in many major cases, getting our clients the medical care and financial compensation they deserve. Visit our firm’s medical malpractice page to see what we can do for you.