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Truck accidents underscore potential for serious injuries

Commercial trucks can cause serious injuries when they are involved in accidents. Their sheer size and weight may result in catastrophic damage to smaller vehicles, which in turn compromises the smaller vehicle’s ability to protect its occupants. The damage can be even more extensive when a negligent driver is involved.

The danger of truck accidents was underscored in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, when two tractor-trailers were involved in a crash with two smaller vehicles. The midday crash occurred in Dickinson Township. It stopped traffic and closed Interstate 81 for two hours. Occupants of the smaller vehicles were both injured, one critically. Meanwhile, the drivers of the tractor trailers were unharmed. Later the same day, a fatal accident occurred on the same stretch of road.

A tow truck and an SUV were involved in the early-evening accident. It was also on I-81 in Cumberland County. Two passengers in the SUV died, and the driver of the SUV was transported to the hospital with injuries. The tow truck’s driver and its single passenger were unscathed.

While the fault in these accidents has not yet been determined, it’s clear that truck accidents can be extremely dangerous. When there are multiple vehicles, it’s important that the crash be thoroughly investigated to determine who or what caused it. If it turns out that it was caused by a negligent driver, the victims may be able to recover damages.

In the case of the trucks, if a big rig or other commercial vehicle driver was found to be negligent, an injured party may be able to recover not only from the driver but also from the carrier or company. The assistance of an experienced attorney can help uncover who was really at fault. And once fault is determined, an attorney can be instrumental in assuring that the injured parties are appropriately compensated.

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