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Holiday drunk driving can have devastating consequences

As in any other state, drunk drivers continue to pose a huge risk to other motorists in Pennsylvania. The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and its attendant revelry, usually means that there are more intoxicated motorists on the road. Unfortunately, the results can be deadly.

For example, just before Christmas, a drunk driver — who was also driving without a license — killed another motorist. A passenger in the victim’s car was injured. Three passengers, including two children, who were riding with the drunk driver were also injured. Criminal charges were filed in the case, but that does not change the consequences of the driver’s actions.

A victim of a drunk driving accident is entitled to seek compensation from the intoxicated motorist who caused the accident. Such compensation, clearly, cannot restore all that was lost, but it can help with medical expenses, lost wages and other financial matters that arise as a result of the accident. It can also serve as monetary restitution for the pain and suffering that the accident caused.

Victims of a drunk driving accident should not try and work with the driver or an insurance company without the assistance of an experienced attorney. While it may appear, on its face, to be an easy matter to resolve, many such cases contain nuances that could be overlooked. For example: was the driver over-served or was the vehicle defective? Issues, such as these, can affect both liability and the sources of compensation. Monetary compensation cannot replace the loss of life or health, but an experienced car accident attorney can make sure that a victim is compensated to the fullest extent possible.

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