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Know your rights after suffering a vehicle accident

Thanksgiving and a slew of winter holidays are just around the corner. Pennsylvanians have arrived at the holiday season and along with more time off to enjoy celebrations with friends and family, many people will take to the roads to reach their loved ones for holiday get-togethers and vacations. While road trips may vary from across town to across several states, all individuals who travel by personal vehicle will experience the challenges that come from road travel during the late fall and winter.

Aside from potential hazards that the variable Pennsylvania weather may put in their paths, individuals may also encounter a slew of hazards created by the other motorists with whom they must share the roads. Drivers who speed, follow to closely, drive too aggressively or who otherwise fail to exercise reasonable care can cause dangerous accidents for individuals who simply want to reach their relatives before the holidays.

Becoming a victim of a holiday season accident can be devastating. The range of possible injuries that a victim may suffer can reach from minor bumps and bruises to broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and injuries to the spine and critical organs of the body. A victim may endure pain and suffering as the cope with healing from their accident-related harm and may lose out on opportunities to be with their loved ones, get back to work and resume their normal lives.

There is no reason for the victim of a holiday season car accident to suffer alone. The attorneys and staff of Fanelli, Evans & Patel are available for consultation for victims of personal injury accidents. To learn more about the firm and its strong vehicle accident and personal injury legal practice, readers may visit Fanelli, Evans & Patel online.