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Fatal Pennsylvania truck accident claims life of victim

Truck accidents can have a broad impact on the victims and their families. In a Pennsylvania community south of the Pottsville area, a recent truck accident left a bicyclist dead. The 53-year old driver of the dump truck that struck the victims was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and other charges. The bicyclist was not breathing when authorities arrived at the scene of the accident. The victim appeared to have a broken neck and broken ribs, as well as other injuries. The victim was found on one side of a guardrail while the victim’s personal items and parts of his bicycle were found on the opposite side of the guardrail.

The victim was airlifted to a local hospital where he was declared dead. Witnesses reported that a blue and white dump truck hit the victim and then dragged the bicycle underneath it as it fled the scene of the truck accident. According to court records, authorities later located the dump truck with fresh damage to the passenger side and remnants of the bike. The driver of the dump truck ultimately admitted involvement in the fatal truck accident.

Truck accidents can seriously injure victims and cause significant harm to families of loved ones killed in a truck accident. Personal injury and wrongful death legal damages are available to help victims unexpectedly harmed in a truck accident. Victims injured in a truck accident may be able to recover damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Surviving family members of victims of a fatal truck accident may be able to recover wrongful death damages from a negligent driver.

When bringing a claim for damages against a negligent driver, criminal charges and citations may serve as evidence of their negligence and liability to victims. It can be important for victims of negligent drivers to be familiar with the options available to help them seek damages when harmed and victims and their families should always be familiar with those legal resources available to them.

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