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How do truck accidents occur?

The laws of physics tell us that the larger the vehicle, the harder it is for it to accelerate, slow down or change direction. This may be taken for granted for motorists who hop in their car and share the roads with trucks, which are far bigger and heavier than traditional cars.

While some accidents are true “accidents” and cannot be avoided, it is not uncommon for an accident to occur due to another person’s negligence. Truck drivers often stretch their time on the roads to meet deadlines. This means a driver may have violated federal trucking regulations with regards to the hours they are allowed to drive, often leaving them distracted or drowsy while on the roads.

A trucking log could show the driver’s carelessness. The trucking company may not have properly inspected the vehicle for damages or defects. Inattentive or drunk truck drivers may also be the cause of distraction and could lead to an accident. 18-wheeler trucks are also especially vulnerable to bad weather, such as ponding on the roads or crosswinds. This could make it more difficult for truck drivers to navigate the roads.

Given their sheer size and weight compared with a traditional passenger car or even a motorcycle, it is no wonder that the aftermath of a truck accident is often catastrophic. If it can be determined that negligence played a role in the accident, a victim may be entitled to compensation. This may include not only compensation for pain and suffering, but medical costs, rehabilitation or therapy, as well as lost wages.

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