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Baby injured at birth receives $23.1 million in settlement

Every parent’s worst nightmare became a reality for a couple in Tinley Park, Illinois, when they learned that their newborn child suffered serious complications during birth that would lead to life-long health problems. According to the attorney of the case, the infant victim was not properly treated and suffered from massive blood loss, did not receive the proper transfusions and now suffers from brain damage, cerebral palsy and epilepsy as a result of the neonatologist and the hospital’s negligence.

During the delivery, a large puddle of blood was found on her bed. In addition, there was no heart rate on the monitor. An insufficient amount of blood was then ordered and arrived late. The young victim will now need aid for “every single bodily function in her daily life,” according to the attorney. The mother had to quit her job as a program manager for a Boys and Girls club following her daughter’s injuries. This case can be used to show the importance and responsibility of medical professionals to provide competent care to their patients during all medical procedures.

Although nothing can take back or remove the challenges and difficulties this young girl and her family will go through during her life, the monetary award that was ordered will help provide some financial relief and will be able to pay for the life-long medical treatments, rehabilitation and therapy she will have to endure during her life.

If you or a family member you know has been a victim of medical malpractice, such as a birth injury, it may be in your best interests to get more information about a possible legal claim.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Malpractice verdict: $23.1 million for family of Tinley Park girl who suffered brain damage at birth,” Mike Nolan, May 12, 2017