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State data shows distracted driving is increasing

New technology has been a boon for Americans and people throughout the world, but inherent issues still arise with each new electronic toy that reaches the market. Walk into any mall or café and you will see that one of today’s fades throughout the United States, including the Pottsville, Pennsylvania, area is the popularity of smartphones.

As fun and convenient as smartphones may be for people today, they can cause serious problems on the roads, leading to thousands of accidents, injuries and even deaths each year in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. And, as bad as the statistics may be, the Pottsville Police Chief said the statistics might still be understated. According to statistics provided by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts and PA Courts InfoShare, citations have risen by 52 percent across the state.

The state and law enforcement authorities have taken proactive measures to try to address the problem, making all forms of texting and emailing while driving illegal while a vehicle is in motion – this includes texting, sending and even reading messages or emails while on the roads. They have also initiated awareness programs in school to try to address the issue for children before they get behind the wheel.

It appears that the younger generation may share a bulk of the blame, with drivers in their 20’s accounting for 36 percent of all citations. Any distracted driver who causes a car accident may be liable for their actions. This could include having to pay a victim for damages, injury treatment, such as medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering and lost wages.

Source: Republican Herald, “State data: Distracted driving increasing,” Vicki Terwilliger, May 22, 2017