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Be mindful of motorcycles on the roads

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. This also means that more people will be outdoors, including an increase of motorcyclists on the roads. Motorcyclists pose specific dangers to those on the road and are susceptible to their own inherent set of dangers that may be overlooked by most of us driving in cars.

Having just gotten past the cold wintery season, those on the roads may not yet be used to sharing the streets with motorcycles. Add to it the fact that motorcycles are significantly smaller than cars and are therefore harder to see, and we could have a recipe for disaster.

Unlike car drivers, who are equipped with seatbelts and airbags and a metal shell of the car itself to act as protection in the event of a collision, motorcyclists can be especially vulnerable on the roads, with very little protection. When an accident occurs, a motorcyclist is often thrown from the bike, and could then strike guardrails, trees or other cars on the road after the initial impact.

Car drivers often take their safety for granted, leading to an increase of careless drivers on the roads. Unfortunately, texting and driving in a car is common, but how many motorcyclists text while on their bike? Likely not many. It is crucial to always exercise caution on the roads, whether you are on your feet, a bike, a motorcycle or a car. You never know who you will be on the roads with, and an accident could happen to anyone at any time.

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