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Truck accidents are often deadly

While car accidents are not uncommon, thankfully most are relatively minor fender benders and do not cause major damage or injuries to anyone involved. Truck accidents, however, are another story.

There are many reasons why truck accidents are often serious, leading to catastrophic or even deadly results. Some are obvious; others are less obvious. Simple physics tells you that a truck with its sheer size and weight, especially when transporting heavy payloads, can cause significant damage when involved in an accident with a car. While truck drivers do have the benefit of being in a position of relative safety when involved in an accident with a car, truck drivers have their own specific hazards to deal with, which are often overlooked by many car drivers.

Again going back to physics, trucks have more momentum while traveling. This means it is harder for them to swerve to avoid a hazard on the road, and harder for them to stop. In addition, trucks are prone to jackknifing and are also vulnerable to dangerous crosswinds. While a car may experience some effects of crosswinds, it is not to the same extent as a truck and a truck driver. Trucks also have significant blind spots, meaning they often cannot see smaller cars that they share the roads with.

Considering all these factors while on the road among trucks may prove to be helpful in preventing an accident. While many take trucks on the roads for granted, if you take a moment to consider their special risks and hazards, you may be able to proceed with caution and help minimize the chance of a serious truck accident while on the roads.

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