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One killed in commercial vehicle accident on icy road in PA

Spring has arrived in Pennsylvania, and many in the Keystone State are eagerly awaiting the warmer weather. Still, winter may not be done with us yet, as there is still the possibility of snow and ice in the forecast. Most automobile drivers know that the presence of snow and ice means that it is necessary to slow down and drive carefully. This advice is even more applicable to the drivers of large commercial vehicles. A fatal commercial vehicle accident in Pennsylvania last week serves as a reminder to everyone of how true this is.

According to state police, a tow truck driver lost control of his rig, crossed the center line of a major highway, and collided with a sport utility vehicle traveling in the oncoming lanes. Tragically, the driver of the SUV was killed in the truck accident. The tow truck driver suffered injuries in the crash as well. Police said that the icy and snowy weather at the time was a factor in the wreck. It is unclear at this time if negligence played a role in the crash.

The accident had a major effect on the community in which it happened. The highway was closed for several hours while the crash was investigated. The local school superintendent determined that getting students to school would not be feasible with such a major thoroughfare out of service, so he canceled school. But the effects of such an accident are also excruciatingly personal for victims and their families. The family of the SUV driver will have to live with the consequences of this incident for years to come.

When a family gets news that a loved one will not be coming home because they were killed in a preventable accident involving a commercial vehicle, it can unleash a torrent of negative emotions. Families in these circumstances may not know where to turn for help. Although nothing can bring their loved one back, and there may be a large list of issues to address, family members should remember that a personal injury attorney can provide them with guidance for many of their legal questions.

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