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The devastating impact of drunk driving accidents

Most people know that drunk driving is a serious concern throughout the country and also in Pennsylvania. Law enforcement agencies everywhere routinely focus their resources toward policing drunk driving, especially around certain holidays. And, drunk driving is one of the most common criminal charges that Americans face. The sad reality is that drunk driving can ruin many lives.

Pennsylvania residents who choose to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol are not only placing themselves in legal and physical peril, they are also doing the same to other drivers and passengers on the road. A drunk driver is a reckless driver, and when drunk driving causes an accident, the results can be devastating.

When Pennsylvania residents are injured in a drunk driving accident, they may have legal options. The injured victims could consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit and name the drunk driver as the defendant in an attempt to recover financial compensation to cover the medical expenses associated with the injuries. For those who lose a loved one in a drunk driving accident, there may be legal options as well. In this instance, a wrongful death lawsuit could be pursued.

At our law firm, we understand the difficult situation that an injured victim of a drunk driver is in. It is important to begin putting together the case to prove the drunk driver’s liability as soon as possible after the accident. For more information about how we attempt to help Pennsylvania residents, please visit the drunk driving overview section of our law firm’s website.