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Process after suspected PA drunk driving accident

When a person makes the choice to enjoy alcohol, they should do so responsibly. Responsible intake of alcohol would include, among many things, the choice to abstain from operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Most people have no problem abiding by this limitation, as it is dangerous and against the law to ignore it. For those innocent drivers that suffer an injury after a drunk driving accident, there is typically a preliminary investigation.

This investigation can be focused on the accident itself, or the driver behind the wheel, or both. If an officer is called to the scene of a Pottsville car accident and suspects impairment, there are a few investigative protocols they may follow. The driver that is suspected of impairment will often be required to submit to a blood alcohol content level test. This can determine, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the intoxication level of the driver.

If it is found that the driver was intoxicated above the Pennsylvania legal limit, there could be criminal charges to follow. In addition, innocent people injured in the crash may be curious to know whether their medical expenses could be recovered, Criminal charges will be filed separately, of course, but a criminal conviction against the negligent driver could bode well for those who were injured in the drunk driving accident. Medical expenses, lost wages and other related expenses, as well as pain and suffering could be recovered in a personal injury suit.

That can be a positive piece of information for those families who have suffered an injury or loss due to a drunk driver. The preliminary investigation can reveal a lot about fault in an accident such as this. Since most of these findings are issues of public record, they can be used as evidence when seeking to prove fault and negligence. Other aspects can weigh-in to determine the strength of a personal injury case.

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