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I-80 closed after tractor-trailer accident


Winter-driving conditions always add an extra aspect of danger for those driving on Pennsylvania roads. Icy conditions can play a major role in car accidents. Slick conditions can turn a little fender-bender into a multi-vehicle pile up. Those driving on icy roads need to be cautious and understand the potential consequences that a car accident could have on drivers and passengers.

It was reported that there was a car accident on Pennsylvania’s I-80 recently. The accident involved multiple vehicles and at least one tractor-trailer. According to reports, one vehicle caught fire, with one fatality reported due to the truck accident. In addition, several people were listed as critically injured in the wreck.

Not many details have been released pertaining to the crash, but one detail did stick out. It was announced that icy road conditions contributed to the accident. The icy roads could have turned a minor accident into the catastrophe that it was, or it could have played only a small role.

A full police investigation will likely bring those details to light. The injured victims and their families are likely seeking answers to the questions of what happened and why. Accident investigations can turn up a lot of details, and the details can potentially be used in a personal injury suit. These lawsuits can help victims and their families recover the compensation they deserve if they were injured due to the negligence of another driver. If you have questions regarding an accident you were involved in, you may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney to discuss those questions.

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