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What kinds of damages are available after a car collision?

Many Pennsylvania residents would agree that each person has their own talents, strengths and value. This principle is also central to the legal system, which treats each person on their own individual merits.

Last week, this blog discussed how each person injured in a car accident may have a separate legal claim they can assert against the negligent driver. After establishing liability, each person may be awarded damages based on the harm they have suffered.

There are many different kinds of damages that may be available, starting with obvious matters like the medical expenses the person has incurred to treat the injuries they suffered in the crash, as well as property damage incurred in the crash. However, while damages for these losses may be substantial, the amount of compensation available extends far beyond these basic expenses.

Another significant category of damages is the loss of income caused by the injuries to the victim. This includes not only missed work because of the inability to work, but also lost wages due to medical treatment the person must undergo.

Perhaps the most personal kind of damages is the compensation paid for pain and suffering the person has endured. Once again, these damages may be tied to the treatment the person has to undergo, but it also looks at the person’s lifestyle after the crash as compared to before the crash. Likewise, mental anguish or emotional distress damages exist to compensate a person for the anxiety, grief and mental suffering they have suffered.

The bottom line is that a devastating car crash or other incident affects a person’s life in numerous ways. The different kinds of damages that may be available in a personal injury lawsuit seek to address each of these issues and make the person whole again.

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