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Head-on collision leaves police wondering who was speeding

When it comes to the laws and rules on the road, they are implemented and enforced to keep the community safe. The purpose of a posted speed limit is not to ensure that someone commuting to work is 5 minutes late, it is in place to ensure that everyone in the immediate vicinity is safe and can avoid injury. One posted speed limit is repeatedly ignored, according to neighbors, after a head-on collision left one woman dead. Both drivers involved are under police investigation after the car accident.

Reduced speed limits in neighborhoods are in place to ensure everyone that enjoys the neighborhood are at reduced risk of being involved in a car accident with a careless driver. In this case, the posted speed limit was a mere 25MPH in the area where the two vehicles collided head on. One vehicle, a GMC, traveled another 100 feet before coming to a stop after the collision. The Nissan Sentra it struck flipped over onto two cars in a nearby driveway.

That vehicle that flipped over carried the woman who was later pronounced dead. The man in the GMC was able to walk away from his vehicle but was later treated for injuries. According to neighbors on the scene, speeding is a common occurrence. Police suspect that speed was a factor due to the unusual aftermath that resulted after impact. Roll-overs do not usually happen in neighborhoods with posted speed limits of 25MPH.

Based on where the vehicles ended up after the crash, it is very probable that the man driving the GMC may have been speeding at the time of impact. The fact that his car traveled another 100 feet after striking the Nissan, is very telling. A full investigation into the accident can help to reconstruct just exactly the cause or causes behind it. The woman’s family will likely be seeking these answers after the unexpected loss of a loved one.

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