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Adding the sum of the different parts to a car accident case

In the legal system, there are often many different factors that lead to success for Pennsylvania residents. A successful case may consist of several different pieces of evidence, including testimony from different witnesses and key documents at issue between the parties.

There are also different components to the case itself. While much of the focus often goes into establishing liability against the opposing party, liability itself is only one aspect of the case. In addition to proving liability, a plaintiff must also show he or she is entitled to compensation, or damages, for the harm caused by the defendant.

The plaintiff’s damages might be shown from some of the same kinds of evidence used to establish liability, such as the same witnesses who can testify about both aspects. However, there might also be additional evidence presented to establish damages, including expert witness or other testimony demonstrating what impact the injury has had on the plaintiff.

Recently, this blog has discussed the different kinds of damages that may be available for those injured in a car accident. A wide variety of damages may be available depending on the circumstances, including damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages and other matters.

Our firm understands how to succeed in each of the different components of a case. We investigate the case to uncover all potential evidence that can be used to support our client’s side. We also fight vigorously so that our clients have the best possible chance at receiving all of the different kinds of damages they might be entitled to after suffering a devastating injury. For more information on our firm’s advocacy for our clients, please visit our car accident webpage.