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Achieving success in a doctor error case from beginning to end

In the legal system, cases can take on a life of their own over time. When a lawsuit is commenced by Pennsylvania residents, the situation at the conclusion of the lawsuit might look quite a bit different from how it appeared at the outset.

Some of this is by design. As discussed recently in this blog, one of the main tasks in litigation is to uncover the information and witnesses relevant to the case. The discovery process is guided by certain rules that allow both sides of the case to obtain this information that may later be used to prove their claims or defenses.

Of course, not everything that is uncovered in the discovery process might ultimately be used in a trial. Some pieces of evidence might not be admissible in a case under the rules of evidence, even though it was uncovered in the discovery process. Other evidence might be admissible, but there may be strategic reasons for not using it.

Our firm works closely with our clients from the beginning of the case until the end. In cases where patients have been injured by a doctor error, for example, we work hard to understand what went wrong and how the doctor’s negligence could have been prevented. We then advocate vigorously for our clients throughout the case, including obtaining information in discovery with the goal of proving the claims at trial or obtaining a favorable settlement. We have an excellent track record of making the strategic decisions that put our clients in the best possible position to succeed. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our medical malpractice webpage.