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Pennsylvania roads only as safe as those who drive on them

The safety of Pennsylvania roads has improved significantly over the decades. From new technological advances in the vehicles on the road to design improvements in the roads themselves, there is always a push toward making it safer for drivers and passengers. And yet, tragic accidents still happen each day that leave those involved with serious and even life-threatening injuries.

This is not to say that the safety improvements are irrelevant when accidents happen. As discussed recently in this blog, the rules of the road can play a part in a negligence action if the driver who caused the crash violated a statute or regulation.

For instance, the federal trucking regulations impose a number of standards upon truck drivers that must be followed. If the truck driver or company violates these trucking regulations, these violations could be used to show they acted negligently in causing the crash. For example, a trucking company that failed to keep its vehicle in safe operating condition could be held liable for their negligent truck maintenance.

When our clients are involved in serious accidents, we actively investigate the case to determine whether any rules of the road were violated. These can include not only the federal trucking regulations when the accident involved a semi-truck, but other statutes that apply to all drivers on the road. We then may be able to put together a strong negligence case based on these violations and other evidence. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our truck accident webpage.