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Small facts make big difference in car crash liability

In the legal system, the facts of each case are important in deciding which party will be successful. Each case has a different set of facts, and even a seemingly minor fact can turn out to play a major role in determining which party prevails at trial.

Cases involving motor vehicle accidents between Pottsville residents are a perfect example of this. In order to determine which side is successful, the facts need to be uncovered to show which party caused the accident in question. There can be many different factors that contribute to an accident, whether it be texting and driving, speeding, improper handling of the vehicle or some other circumstance that caused the vehicles to collide.

Recently, this blog discussed how traffic citations can play a big part in determining liability. The other driver’s violation of the rules of the road can be used against that person to show how they were driving in a careless manner at the time of the crash, and their carelessness caused the crash.

In other cases, there may not be any traffic citations at issue. Yet, the circumstances of the crash may still indicate that the other driver was acting negligently at the time, which can be shown through testimony from witnesses, accident reconstruction reports, expert witness testimony and other evidence presented I the case.

Our firm works hard to uncover the facts behind car crashes involving our clients. We investigate the case to determine whether the other driver was facing any traffic citations related to the crash. We then use these traffic citations to demonstrate why the other driver was negligent and how that negligence caused the crash that injured our clients. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our car accidents webpage.