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Drunk driving continues to be source of tragic crashes

As it seems to happen every year, the summer is going fast for Pottsville residents. From enjoying the Fourth of July holiday, to spending time with friends and family on the weekends and keeping up with work, it has been another eventful summer. While these events can bring a great deal of joy, they can also result in tragedy when people drink too much and put others on the road in danger.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about a third of all car crashes involve an intoxicated person. Perhaps more shocking is that two in three people will be involved in drunk driving accident in their lifetime.

Given these staggering statistics, public officials and advocacy groups have taken a number of steps to raise awareness of the dangers posed by a drunk driver. And yet, in spite of these efforts, there continues to be a serious problem with drinking and driving in Pennsylvania and around the country.

While drunk driving charges can be brought against the motorist involved, those injured by the drunk driver also have the ability to take actions to hold the driver accountable. Through a personal injury action, legal liability can be imposed against the drunk driver. In the lawsuit, the drunk driver can be ordered to pay money damages to the injured person, including damages for the physical and mental pain suffered, damages for medical expenses, damages for lost wages and other compensation suitable for the circumstances of the individual case.

Accordingly, those injured in an accident should take steps to determine what caused the crash. By investigating the matter and taking advantage of any police reports or charges showing drunk driving was involved, the injured person can hold the other driver accountable for the crash and obtain compensation.

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