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Car accident results in vehicle running over woman’s legs

Car trouble is an annoyance for many Pottsville residents. It often seems as though one’s personal vehicle only acts up at the most inopportune times, such as when the driver is running late or when he has a vehicle full of passengers. Recently a driver experienced car trouble on Route 422 and had to pull his small sedan off of the road. As he began walking toward West Reading to get assistance, his four passengers remained in the vehicle.

The four passengers included three children and their mother. While the three kids remained buckled into their seats in the car, the mother removed her seat belt and opened her door while the driver was away from vehicle. While she had her seat belt unbuckled, another vehicle struck the stopped car and the mother’s legs were run over by the disabled sedan, according to police. The vehicle that hit the stopped car flipped over as a result off the accident though that driver was able to free herself from her car.

Both the woman whose legs were run over and the driver of the flipped vehicle were taken to the hospital. The other driver was released; the mother is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. The children in the stopped vehicle received medical evaluation at the scene of the accident.

This car accident is a good reminder of just how quickly unsafe conditions can arise on Pennsylvania roads. As the accident investigation into this incident continues, a police spokesman said it is likely that the other driver may face criminal charges for her alleged conduct. Criminal charges do not preclude accident victims from seeking compensation from the parties who caused their harm, and personal injury lawsuits can be used as the bases of civil claims for damages.

Source: Republican Herald, “New Philadelphia woman injured in Route 422 crash,” Vicki Terwilliger, June 26, 2016