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19-year-old man drives wrong way, causing multiple crashes

In the immediate aftermath of a tragic incident, there are often more questions than answers for Pottsville residents. Individuals may not know how a tragedy occurred, such as a devastating car crash that happened seemingly out of nowhere. In other cases, the “how” may be immediately apparent, but the “why” remains a mystery.

This was the case after a recent multi-vehicle auto accident in Pennsylvania. The crash occurred after a 19-year-old man was driving the wrong way. While two other cars tried to avoid head-on collisions, they ultimately crashed in the process. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old proceeded to drive further and strike another vehicle head-on. Multiple individuals had to be transported to the hospital following the incident.

An accident investigation is currently pending, while authorities try to determine why the man was driving the wrong way. This answer was not immediately clear, although the man is reportedly facing multiple vehicle code violations for his actions.

Figuring out the “how” and “why” can be important in a personal injury action. These issues are central to a determination of liability, as an injured party needs to show the other driver caused the crash.

More than that, however, these issues can also impact other matters in the case like damages. For instance, if a person was engaged in drunk driving, as opposed to making a simple mistake, it might support a higher award of damages because of the more egregious conduct involved. The more egregious facts might also make the other driver more willing to enter into a favorable settlement agreement and forego a trial. Accordingly, it is imperative that a proper investigation be conducted to answer as many questions as possible and hold the other driver accountable.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live, “Wrong-way Route 33 driver identified as 19-year-old,” Tony Rhodin, May 31, 2016